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Motivation Monday: When someone belittles your dreams, it’s only because they don’t have bigger ones to live for. #Haters

“That’s great…but you think you can do it?”

“Good idea but how do expect to do that?”

“Do you really want to do that?”

“Good Luck.” in a hidden-yet-obvious condescending voice

Believe me when I say that I’ve heard these a dozen times, even from people that I held near and dear to my heart.  I use to question my dreams instead of the love they had for me. Most would say they were looking out for my best interest; however, what best interest does it do for me when they’ve hindered me to fail and learn yet a valuable lesson.

Personally speaking, I had several dreams in my lifetime (heck, I still think I can win American Idol!) and I can admit that some were a huge flop. It didn’t matter if I failed, it mattered that I tried because it manifested new dreams. As I got through many failures and success, I learned that my dreams (despite how many I’ve tried to bring to reality) were far greater than what they could see for me and even for themselves. How can one blame their inadequacy to ‘think outside the box’ when they have not dreamt bigger dreams for themselves? It’s quite sad actually. But let us not look down upon them for we will be just like them when we do.

Some of these people are the ones that were too fearful to try, too skeptical to dream, too negative to see the light and too damn ignorant to see anyone else succeed because they are so overshadowed by what they haven’t accomplished. Let them go and grab onto what makes you happy!

1) Love yourself.

2) Love those that love you.

3) Love those that don’t love you. (Yes, it is hard but it’ll do your soul some good anyhow.)

4) Love yourself enough to dream.

5) Love yourself even more to make them happen.

See you on life’s runway,

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