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Last Friday, I headed over to Lulu*s Style Studio at NYC’s Openhouse Gallery and was surprised to walk into a scene from Alice and Wonderland – ivy walls, cherry blossom trees, flowers and grass (astroturf). All that I was waiting for was The Cheshire Cat!

Upon entering, you received a tote bag (as you do in most events) and a little style map that asked simple questions of preferences in style. As you navigate your way through the style map, your style is either a Peony Vintage, Rose Sweet Heart, Spider Mum Edgy, or a Hydrangea Uptown Prep! I was the Hydrangea Uptown Prep but I liked the styles of Rose Sweet Heart too. All guests were able to go through the 5 style racks and were told that at the end of the night, each person was able to pic an item they just loved and take it home! Awesome! I ended up snagging up a dark red Ark & Co. coat with a removable fur collar!

Events such as Lulu* Style Studio bring not only their products but other products to bloggers. I was surprised to see how great quality the clothes were and how reasonably priced the site was. I even made a new a new blogger friend, Helena from The Honey Flower Girl based in Boston, MA and met Lulu*s own blogger Stephanie Gaito.

The best part of being a blogger is that you get to take home fabulous products to try out! Representatives from Michael Antonio, Cravebox, Jewelmint, Pop Beauty Cosmetics, Hypnotiq, Cor Silver, and Sabi filled the room. I’ll be blogging about some of the products that I love once I get to shifting through them! Here are some photos from the event but if you would like to see all, come visit Around The Hemline’s Facebook page.

All the amazing items I received at Lulu*s Style Studio

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See you on Life’s Runway,

Outfit: Guess Skinny Pants, Iris Leopard Tank w/Black Skinny Belt, New York & Company Quarter-sleeve Blazer, Pearl Strand Necklace, Coral Shoedazzle Pumps