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Today, I was shifting through my emails and decided to visit Etsy.com. Etsy allows sellers to sell homemade items online. I enjoy looking through those and getting ideas for my own DIY projects. Most little girls have grown up with Hello Kitty and the rest of the Sanrio gang! I remember the days of going to the mall and spending on Hello Kitty stickers, pens, wallets, and anything else I could get! I thought it would be fun to post on some fun items I found for us ‘adults’ to dress up in!

Hello Kitty Glasses, Found on Etsy.com, Shop Owner: gcordes55

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love shoes (I’m sure many can agree with me)! I think that creative and artistic minds are designing their own shoes by adorning them with jewelry, flowers, and even spikes!

Hello Kitty Crystal Spike Shoes, Found on Etsy, Shop Owner: yhasminae

Hello Kitty Pumps with Decorated Bottoms, Etsy, Shop Owner: uniquezaccess

Hello Kitty Pumps Spiked, Etsy, Shop Owner: uniquezaccess

Hello Kitty iPhone case, Etsy, Shop Owner: SuppliesEmpire

Hello Kitty Black Necklace & Earrings, Etsy, Shop Owner: AvenueB

Should I get the Hello Kitty Pumps!? Hmm! Hope you go through the various shops on Etsy.com and support the small businesses! If you’re not signed up with Etsy, register for free today!

See you Life’s Runway,