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Definition of a Real Woman
by: Gwynita Leggington

A real woman is true to herself.
She holds her head up high.
She doesn’t waddle in pity; or sit back and cry.

A real woman is a survivor.
She can stand on her own feet.
With God by her side, she can’t be beat.

A real woman has courage; she has spunk and grace.
Even when she’s down, she has a smile upon her face.

A real woman will make it.
A real woman will excel.
She will keep on striving, whether she wins or fails.

This is one of my favorite poems on being a woman. What is YOUR the definition of a woman? A question open to much debate but one thing holds true, is that a woman knows to respect herself before she demands others to respect her. As women, we have the ability to not just see in black and white but the color of feelings. Because women feel, many think that it become a liability. Our tenderness and caring traits become handicaps in the workforce or vulnerability in a relationship.

How many times do you hear that women are a liability because of their emotions? Or women are too emotional. Or women think more with our hearts than our minds. I know I’ve encountered those especially in the workforce. However, a real woman is the true definition of grace under pressure (yes, an Ernest Hemmingway reference). Women have the ability to love and care strongly and courageously to rise above what others would pity on it. Do NOT get power and strength as a need to be masculine but to use the traits that we already possess to bring success into our lives and others. It is a privilege to feel because that means we are alive.

We are powerful women. Now start acting like it! Have an amazing week!

See you on Life’s Runway,