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The quest for perfect full, curled lashes just may have come to an end for me! I recently visited Sephora and discovered DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler! Naturally, my lashes grow straight and out and it’s takes several crunches from regular manual eye lash curlers. And yes, I’ve tried the heating the metal curler with a blow dryer but that only left me nearly burning my skin off! I paired my purchase with the DiorShow Black out Mascara.

Once the battery operated (battery included) curler heats up, the . However, I found it gives a better curl if you just held it against the base of your lashes and left on there for about 10 seconds. I then follow-up with a coat of mascara. Once I let the mascara set for about 30 seconds, I take the heated curler and ‘push’ down on the tips of the lashes to get more of a curl. My lashes stay curled all day! The curler does come with a mini brush for you to clean the left over mascara. Reasonably priced, the DiorShow Heal Curler and DiorShow Black out Mascara are is sold at Sephora for $25.00 each.

Another eye product I use religiously is Maybelline’s EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. I usually use this PRIOR to doing my lashes because sometimes the mascara hasn’t dried completely. The gel liner comes with an amazing hard tip brush which works like a pencil. After a few uses, it’s helpful to take a terry cloth and roll the tip of the brush (think motions of a handheld pencil holder) to clean and reposition the bristles. Unlike liquid liners, the gel doesn’t drip or dry out so it’s easier to use and small amounts are used at a time and can be retraced without the mess. I use the gel for the lower liner and stays throughout the day!