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It is not length of life, but depth of life. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

While I lived in Japan almost 10 years ago, I was able to experience first-hand the beauty of these Cherry Blossom trees – otherwise known as “Sakura” trees. Each year, every city engages in a hanami – a Sakura Festival to celebrate the blossoming of these trees. The symbolic importance of this celebration is not just to welcome the new Spring season but to celebrate new life with the reminder of how short life is. Sakura trees blossom these amazingly beautiful white and pink flowers prior their leaves growing. They have a very short life span – a few weeks at the most before the flowers start fall and leaves grow.

The life span of the flowers is definitely a reminder that the beauty of life is not forever and that life should not be wasted. How many of us hold grudges over petty arguments, have our pride stand still rather than letting go of what bothers us, or how many of us put off what we have always intended to do? Life can be taken from us – not just by death but by the daily monotonous life itself.

Many people get up in the morning hating life because they hate what they do and make excuses for why their life isn’t to their own liking. Many couples stay bitter and cold over petty arguments which only leads to more turmoil and lots of sleepless nights. Negatively-used energy is invested in problems, not solutions.  Life is not guaranteed to anyone or anything so what matters the most is what you decide to do with that time.

How deep do you want your life, your relationships, your careers,  or your journeys in life to be? Will it be superficial and played safely? Or will you just go rouge and blossom to your full potential?

Take risks. Love wholeheartedly even with a broken heart. Inspire yourself and others to be better people. Acknowledge to yourself you deserve the beauty of life. Be real and push through the hurdles of that come your way. Respect yourself and others. Practice this in your daily life so you won’t regret when life is over because you chose live. Let this flower remind you of Life.

See you on Life’s Runway,