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“If you don’t like the moment you’re in, hit the reset button, take a few minutes and imagine how you TRULY want you life to be. Then do it!”

Greetings from Tobago!
(Although this is posting on Tuesday, had internet connection troubles on the Island!)

I am very fortunate and blessed to have the pleasure of being on this island this weekend to experience the not just amazing music but a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience with someone I love and adore. With the beach life, sun, music and tropical environment aside, I started to think about how this weekend was a very needed vacation from everyday life but it lead me to think of different ways to take vacations more often. Vacations are defined by Google as “an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.”

Vacations are times to take a break and reset yourself from life but most importantly it’s a time to step back and take a look at where your life IS at present and how it relates to where you want your life to BE. I don’t think it takes you to jet set off to the Caribbean (I will admit, the ora is much more inspiring here) but to take mini vacations mentally where you are. We get so bogged down by daily life that it makes it nearly impossible to find focus on getting what you want out of life.

When you find yourself just losing control and having no direction, just STOP. Then, press your own mental reset button. Apply this to any situation! If you’re at work and the stress of a unhappy co-worker or the never-ending deadline, then step away from your desk and reset. Step away and just hit the reset button! Get inspired. Take a walk. Leave your phone at home one day and just enjoy the day. Stress from financial, career, relationship, or from ourselves is not a healthy way of life. You need to reset to get focused. Remember, you have the chose to stop and reset to change your attitude, change your outlook, and possibly change the outcome. Just like resetting a computer because it just needs to clear whatever bugs or problems it has, we should do similarly. Take control over you reset button!

See you on Life’s Runway,