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I am only Human.

Happy June! Can you believe half of 2012 has nearly passed? Time flies when you’re having fun or going through the range of emotions listed above. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we go through a range of emotions, feelings, and experience in any given day that can be caused by several factors. If that be work, relationships, family, friends, and daily life stresses or happiness, we go through it all because we are only human. We are the only mammals that have the ability to expressively communicate our feelings in several forms – vocally, musically, and the use of technology just to name a few. It is okay to have several feelings – it tells us that we’re actually living and breathing.

Mistakes are not always negative – a long as you admit them and learn from them. Regardless of how we feel, we are still very much responsible for our actions and emotions. I’ve learned through the years that it is okay to feel in any way and in any capacity as long as you take responsibility of your actions. Of course, reap the consequences. If you are wrong, you are wrong. If you are right, then you are but I found that boasting isn’t necessary. As I’ve gotten older, I realized that as society becomes more ‘evolved’ that we’ve forgotten the basics of how to treat people with respect – even respect for ourselves.

It is okay to make mistakes, we are human. I am human. I make plenty of mistakes and there are many that I can fix but I can learn from it. Understand it. Respect the lesson. If you don’t what the lesson is, keep making those mistakes until you get it, because there will be a point where you get fed up of the same outcome and it will eventually evolve to those “Ah ha!” lightbulb moments.

See you Life’s Runway,