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This morning I’m headed to the office and it’s a humid 79 degrees Fahrenheit at 7:00am! New York is the definitely not kidding with their weather! Leaving my nice air-conditioned apartment (which I proudly state that installed on my own a few weekends back) and stepping outside, I’m immediately engulfed by the humidity (okay, I may be exaggerating but California was not THIS humid). When I get on the subway, a blast of cold air hits me and I’m freezing. This vicious cycle continues in the office where it’s nearly 60 degree (awesome but my fingers don’t function well without circulation). The only conclusion I’ve come to is tote around a light blazer, cardigan, or scarf to ‘bundle up’ in the office. Coincidentally, today’s Wall Street Journal front page header features “Baby, it’s Cold Inside” by Christina Binkley. She goes into tips and tricks to staying cool and warm outside and inside. The infographic below is from that article, check it out!

Wall Street Journal – Baby, It’s Cold Inside by Christine Binkley

With that said, I’ve put together different ways to wear that easy sheath dress multiple ways in the air-conditioned offices (and subways). Sheath dresses are so versatile because the silhouettes are flattering and easy to accessorize! I have about 5 of these dresses (in different colors and different sleeve cuts) and I interchange cardigans, cropped blazers, and scarves each week to give it a fresh new look in the Summer. In the layout below, bright colors and floral prints are subtle enough to wear at office because it’s neutralized by the black sheath. If you decide to go for a bold colored dress, then go simple with the accessories such as cream scarves and nude shoes. You never want to have clients and other coworkers notice you just for your distracting bright and bold colors and print, but instead for your wit and intelligence in the office. Strong but fashion friendly and appropriate!

Have fashion questions? Need to know how to wear it? Feel free to let me know! I’ll be happy to help! Until then, stay cool in that blazing sun!