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For some of us, Summer seemed to creep up on us and now we’re regretting our decision to quit our new year’s resolution or eating that ‘justifiable’ burger or junk food to get fit so we can get into the skinny bikini! How dare our bikini and summer wear betray us! 😉

If you’re like me, then I am always looking to look for new ways to find a way to get a good work out (for most of us, just to start would be great). As a recent iPhone 4s owner (yes, the switch from my beloved Android Evo was difficult but my iPhone is patching things up), I found these great fitness apps that I’d like to share!

First, is the Nike + GPS app that tracks all your runs (and walks) and workouts. I use to use the wristband and the Nike sensor on my shoe but with this app, no need for the sensor! You just download (cost is $1.99), create an account and start running! It’ll track your route, your speed, calories burned, and even sets a playlist to your run. It’s awesome if you’re a stat freak, this gives you just that!

My  next favorite app is the Nike Training Club (kudos to Nike for creating great apps) and this app is great when you are just out of ideas of WHAT you should be working out. Have you ever gone to the gym and didn’t know which exercises to do with each machine or just don’t know where to start? Then this one is for you! I love how the app includes videos of HOW to do each exercise so you’re never at a lost of what a blurpee, a plank or a Russian twist is!

Other ways to find some fitness tips is going on Pinterest! I am addicted to Pinning! You can check out my “Working on The Fitness” boards (as well as others) of various plans and workouts that I have tried myself. Below are some of my faves! Follow me on Pinterest at: http://pinterest.com/RoundTheHemline/

The Starter's Exercise Plan

Strength Training Guide for Women

Cardio Crunch Down

What’s important is that everyone takes control of their health and with so much information (that actually are fun to look at, thanks Pinterest!), there isn’t a reason why you can’t do these from your home! Happy Fitness!