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“Wisdom without Application is Worthless.”

To kick off this week is some good ‘ol wisdom! Do you have some? We all have a level of wisdom that we’ve gain not only in books but in experience as well. But all this wisdom that you learn through the books and experiences is utterly worthless when you fail to apply it to your own life. It almost to the the point where you’re doomed to repeat mistakes.

From a relationship standpoint, we’ve all been in ‘that‘ relationship that hurt us but we all choose to pick ‘love’ instead yet the relationship still fails. Why? Because we don’t use the wisdom to make wiser/better decisions. However, when we finally wake up and realize our own true value and move forward, we ultimately try to not make the same mistakes in new relationships – or so we hope!

The mindset for this week is use your experience to make “better mistakes”. There is a slight disclaimer, don’t use your experiences to scare you off from living. If you had a relationship burned you, a job that you worked your butt off but fired you, or a friend that didn’t appreciate you when you were always there for them, who cares! Let’s learn and move on!