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If you don’t like what’s playing, then change the record.

Quote - 20121212 Change the Record

I love music! It is such an amazing outlet for our feelings! From time to time I like to incorporate a song for some midweek motivation and today is that day. Two-time Grammy Award-winning Canadian R&B recording artist Melanie Fiona latest album, The MF Life has a tune titled “Change the Record.” Her song expresses a person that is just fed up with being in a bad relationship. So, a solution to the problem, is do better and change the situation.

You can do better, then do better
If you don’t like how he’s playing then change the record
You can do better, then do better
‘Cause I don’t know what kind of games you’re playing
But it’s time to change the record, record, record

Applying this to daily life, if we are fed up with something we don’t like, then do something to change your situation. You can’t complain over a scratched up record (a bad situation) on not playing the song (your life) correctly if you don’t make a change. It’s always interesting as we approach the end of the year and people start to want to make some changes for the upcoming new year. It’s great to make plans but don’t forget or be scared to execute! Change your record and make your amazing life soundtrack!

To check out Melanie Fiona’s video:

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