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Learn to love without CONDITION.
Talk without bad INTENTIONS.
Give without any REASONS.
And most of all, care for people without EXPECTATION.


Life happens so quickly that I haven’t had the chance to stop, write and share the positive changes I’ve made (though mostly documented on my Instagram @kris_aroundthehemline)! Yes! That’s me in the photo when I visited Hawaii last month on a little R&R getaway! I hiked up Koko Head Mountain just in time for the sunrise! When you see natural beauty in its most purest form, it changes your mind-set – your petty problems don’t seem so big anymore. The positive outlook and experiences I’ve been having has been inspiring me to pick up the laptop/iPad/iPhone and start blogging again (hopefully)!

Positive perceptions lead to positive outcomes. Those actually read my posts know that I believe in changing perception and look at situations in every angle, not just from your viewpoint. As the quote above says…

Learn to love without condition. If you love that person, then you love them. Be real. You may not always need to be in their lives to love them. As long as you understand why YOU allow yourself to love that person, then loving them is unconditional.

Talk without bad intention. Yes, gossip is everywhere – between friends, colleagues and family but I try to do my best to not let negative and defamation come out of these lips. No need to lie or fabricate! Speak the truth. Always.

Give without any reason. Like I said earlier, God blessed me with a giving heart and I give not to receive and without to be owed. I give because it is a sign of peace, caring and/or love for people. Put out positive vibes!

And most of all, care for people without expectation. There have been several times at work where I could have watched a coworker fail. It’s not my responsibility right? What do I get out of it? Well, caring for others doesn’t make you a doormat nor does it cost much (in my given scenario it doesn’t). Part of being a positive leader (an overall person) is empowering others to reach their potential so I always stretch out a hand.

Be nice to each other and let all that negativity just pass you by!