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So….I haven’t written nor shared much of my “transformation…weight loss…fitness journey” on my blog, however, I’ve been sharing a lot on my Instagram account (IG: kris_aroundthehemline) because…let’s face it…writing takes a lot of time! Between 4am training runs, gym times and 8-13 hour work days and weekend trainings, writing came at the bottom of the priority list!

As a quick back story, I’ve been working my little butt off the last year on dropping pounds, eating healthier, staying active indoors and outdoors and signed up for one of the most rewarding challenges yet – a half marathon! Yes, a whole 13.1 of running! The most miles I’ve ever ran was about 4 miles during soccer conditioning practice…in high school and the occasional blue moon 5K races for random charity causes. However, today I am positing my first transformation post EVER!

ATH - Transformation

The photo to the left was from May 2013 during a “Walk for Lupus” Charity Event. Thinking back to this day and even when I posted it on social media, I didn’t think I was “that big” and friends and family now tell me they “don’t remember” me being “big.” Little did they know, I definitely remembered their faces when I saw them after moving back home to California. Two and half years of living in New York and access to unlimited amounts of food on every corner and mobile food deliveries and the weight just packed on.

When I moved back to Cali in August 2013, I pushed myself to get back to the healthy athletic person I knew myself to be! I got active in the gym, outdoors and took on one of the biggest challenges thus far…a Half Marathon! I received the lottery for the infamous Tiffany’s necklace finisher medal – the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco set for October 2014. So, 13 months after I focused myself back to getting healthy — 46 pounds off and staying off! BOOM! I’m still not at my target weight but I’ll get there. Slow and steady keeps the weight off…no more crash diets, no more starvation spurts, no insane workout burnouts, NO QUICK FIXES! If a product, program and diet is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. There’s never a substitution for time, dedication, eating healthy and staying active! My official race time was an astonishing 2 hour and 30 minutes flat! My goal was to finish in 3 hours! Let’s just say the adrenaline and training definitely paid off. The BEST feeling in the world is accomplishing what you never thought imaginable for yourself. Even through failed runs and injuries, I knew that I just could not NOT finish. Mind over matter.

I am most proud of not just completing the race but how I stuck through the rigorous training schedule with balancing a work and social life. I can only hope everyone that is on the journey to live a healthier lifestyle finds that one motivating factor that burns like fuel for them! Keep going, don’t give up & transform yourself to anything you want to be! Corny as it is, you can if you’re willing to try.

Hopefully without the insane run schedule I can post up more of my own health experimentations and learnings. I’ll definitely be sharing health recipes and my quirky gym selfies on Instagram and on Twitter!


Here are some photos from Race Weekend!

Race Ready!

Race Ready!

Stay Strong from Start to Finish! It's only 13.1 miles and some hills!

Stay Strong from Start to Finish! It’s only 13.1 miles and some hills!

At the starting line!

At the starting line!

ATH - Transformation

Running Emotions! My finishing photo isn’t the prettiest but that look is the look of accomplishment! “She believe she could, so she did.”