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“Let your dreams come true…it’s okay to be special.” – Jazmine Isabelle, a rambunctious wise 5-year-old

If you’ve ever taken a browse through my Instagram, you’ll notice this little witty girl who calls me “Gawmmy” (her own made-up pronunciation of “godmommy” since she was a baby. I don’t have children of my own but I definitely consider Jazmine Isabelle as my own and through the years, I’ve taken the privilege of taking part in raising her to be a strong, independent and emotionally/socially stable of human being.

With very busy work and homework schedules, seeing each other isn’t always possible so every few nights, JazzyBelle and I have a FaceTime session to just talk about anything and everything from her new sight words, how much the tooth fairy left her for her first tooth, to her friends at school and what her god-pup-brother Jasper is up to! It amazes me how insightful and she’s become! On some nights, she takes her mom’s phone and leaves me Voxer messages. Tonight in particular, I receive the most inspiring yet simple message…and surprising it’s in the last 5 seconds of the message.


“Let your dreams come true…”
Normally, this statement is worded as “hope your dreams come true.” I’ve learned through the years that as much as we can hope, nothing can ever be accomplished without actions on our part. So my little intelligent Baby Bestie may be onto something by saying we should LET our dreams come true. Many times, we give excuses as to why we can’t make our dreams come true instead of letting go of those excuses and allowing ourselves the opportunity to live the life we were meant to live. Let it happen!

“It’s okay to be special…”
As a role model, JazzyBelle’s parents and I have taught her that everyone can be different in their own way and that is perfectly fine and acceptable. We never look down on anyone or lessen their value because of they are different than we know as our own normal. In this message, JazzyBelle affirms with me that I am special and being special is okay and my self value is of worthy substance.

If an almost 6-year-old gets it, then why can’t we as adults? Have the trials and tribulations we endure as adults completely has just jaded to positivity? The simplicity of these concepts is mind blowing isn’t it? Kids do say the darnest things but they are the most honest human beings. My hope for everyone is to allow yourself to let your dreams come true because you do deserve what you are willing to work and fight for because YOU ARE SPECIAL.


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