Words To Live By: 09.11.14 – Never Forgotten 9/11


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Never Forgotten. United We Stand. 

AroundTheHemline - 911 Photo

Never forgotten. United We Stand. Three years ago, I moved to New York with nothing but hope and a lot of determination. I didn’t know how long I was staying, how I would survive the concrete jungle, or how I would even like living in such a big city…all I knew is that “if I made it here, I can make it anywhere.” I was in New York for the 9/11 10th year Anniversary and you could FEEL the heavy hearts, the grieving, the tears in the air but simultaneously you could also feel the resiliency, the strength and the courage of those who persevered through this tragic event. Visiting Ground Zero with my Father, a former Navy Veteran, when he came to visit was overwhelming. So many brave men and women fight for our country and as Americans we need to be more thankful, not just on these historical days but every day.  

My time in New York taught me so much about myself and that no matter what happens in life that makes us fall, we get up and stand tall with solid tenacity and pride. Prayers to the heroes, the survivors and the families that loss their loved ones, especially prayers to our country and other countries, that we one day find peace among each other.



Words To Live By: 09.08.14 – Inspire Kindness


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Inspire Kindness & Pay It Forward.

AroundTheHemline Words To Live By 090814

After a great weekend with family and friends in Vegas, we get stuck in traffic for 8-hours on the I-15 on the way home. Unfortunately, sitting still in 90+ degree weather at night overheated my SUV 3-hours and 92 miles into our drive (yes, 30 mph or slower for 3-hours straight). All bad. As the Best and I were using the freeway call box (somewhere in the middle of the dessert and about 60 miles from Barstow), we had ignorant people yell, honk their horns, holler, whistle and scream out of their windows at us as they passed us by. As we hang up the call box phone, one car pulls up and starts talking to my brother. At this point, I already knew what he was going to say – all the coolant is gone and oil is sitting low. We took all the bottles of water we had and dumped them into the radiator. The Good Samaritan offered us a few water bottles of his own but nothing much else we could do, so we thanked him and told him to continue on as we wait for AAA to come with a tow truck.

Just about 45-minutes later, the tow truck pulls up and we’re going over details of where to tow my SUV…but notice a car pulling up behind my car. To our surprise, it was the Good Samaritan that stopped nearly an hour prior! Jokingly, he says…“Hey you guys are still here!” and as he’s lugging a big plastic bag he continues to say “I felt bad for you guys so I went to the gas station and got you some oil and liters of water. They didn’t have coolant but I think this should get you to the next city.” This person drove at least 20-minutes out to the gas station in traffic, bought us supplies, drove back in another 20 to 30-minutes of traffic, cut through the dirt path between the 15-NB and 15-SB freeways…to help absolute strangers. We sent the tow truck away as my SUV started up and was stable for the rest of the 5-hour traffic ride home.

In amazement and absolute gratitude, I was speechless and nearly in tears. A stranger that didn’t know me, nor anyone in my car, extended their help in a way that many people won’t. Because of him, I saved on a very expensive tow, got everyone home safely and restored my faith in humanity. Amongst the handful of inconsiderate people yelling out their window to ‘scare us’, there was one person that changed the perception. There have been times I’ve been there for family, friends and colleagues and I’ve been burned by my own kindness to them but those burns won’t stop me from being grounded and continue to extend kindness to others when there’s always that chance…that ONE PERSON that can change the outcome for you. Ironically, he was wearing a Superman shirt.

Spread the kindness to those you know and those that are strangers. It won’t cost you much but a smile and a helping hand!


Words to Live By: 08.15.14 – How I Live My Life


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Learn to love without CONDITION.
Talk without bad INTENTIONS.
Give without any REASONS.
And most of all, care for people without EXPECTATION.


Life happens so quickly that I haven’t had the chance to stop, write and share the positive changes I’ve made (though mostly documented on my Instagram @kris_aroundthehemline)! Yes! That’s me in the photo when I visited Hawaii last month on a little R&R getaway! I hiked up Koko Head Mountain just in time for the sunrise! When you see natural beauty in its most purest form, it changes your mind-set – your petty problems don’t seem so big anymore. The positive outlook and experiences I’ve been having has been inspiring me to pick up the laptop/iPad/iPhone and start blogging again (hopefully)!

Positive perceptions lead to positive outcomes. Those actually read my posts know that I believe in changing perception and look at situations in every angle, not just from your viewpoint. As the quote above says…

Learn to love without condition. If you love that person, then you love them. Be real. You may not always need to be in their lives to love them. As long as you understand why YOU allow yourself to love that person, then loving them is unconditional.

Talk without bad intention. Yes, gossip is everywhere – between friends, colleagues and family but I try to do my best to not let negative and defamation come out of these lips. No need to lie or fabricate! Speak the truth. Always.

Give without any reason. Like I said earlier, God blessed me with a giving heart and I give not to receive and without to be owed. I give because it is a sign of peace, caring and/or love for people. Put out positive vibes!

And most of all, care for people without expectation. There have been several times at work where I could have watched a coworker fail. It’s not my responsibility right? What do I get out of it? Well, caring for others doesn’t make you a doormat nor does it cost much (in my given scenario it doesn’t). Part of being a positive leader (an overall person) is empowering others to reach their potential so I always stretch out a hand.

Be nice to each other and let all that negativity just pass you by!


Words To Live By: 12.17.13 – Speculate, Fabricate and Hate


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When people don’t know what’s going on your your life, they SPECULATE.
When they think they know, they FABRICATE.
And when they do know, they just HATE.


Saw this quote randomly online (tried to look up the original author but there were several authors and annoymous leads so if anyone knows, let me know!) and just got to thinking how TRUE this particular quote it is. When one is successful in any aspect of life – career, family, wealth, fitness, beauty, talent or in happiness – they are not worried about what others think. Successful people focus on drive, motivation, positivity and following their dreams and goals. Focusing on any type of negativity only slows or even hinders their success process! Who has time to give to that? Not I.

Continue to focus on your goals and when you get that weakness to quit, just go a little further and remind yourself why you started and how far you’ve come. Through the years, I found that people will judge and hate on you no matter what you do and judge you even more when they don’t know truth so they end up speculating about your life. When they try to piece their version of the truth, they only fabricate a life for you that fits into their ideas of you. But when they do know, they just hate on your success because they haven’t reached their own successes. Pay no mind to the naysayers, the haters, the judgmentals, or the negatives because while they’re busy focusing on you, you’re focusing on your dreams and goals. So keep it pushing and always strive to be a better version of you.


Words To Live By: 12.09.13 – All Life Is…


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All life is an experience. The more you experiment the better. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Happy Holiday Everyone!

It’s that time of year again…where families are gathered and memories made in ugly sweaters and Santa hats. But it’s also a time of reflection for some – those that reflect on the year past and the year to come. We check mark the experiences and “To Do” list we set out for the year and we make new lists. What’s on your list for 2014?

Just as the infamous Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, life is an experience. Good or bad. So the more that we live life and experiment with the things we are curious about, the more experiences we have. This doesn’t mean “YOLO” (for those who aren’t familiar with the phrase made popular by Canadian rapper, Drake in recent years means “You Only Live Once”) and live carelessly and irresponsibly but to truly make choices of experiences that grow you and possibly positively change you.

I typically get asked why I move around so much. My answer to them is “Why Not?” There is so much of the world to see that I feel I would be doing my life injustice to NOT go and live in these cities especially if the opportunity is readily available. I love the fact that I’ve lived in our Nation’s Capital (Washington, D.C.) and one of the fastest paced cities (New York, NY) and in the sunny smog-congested city (Los Angeles, CA…still love ya LA!) and even in the Finest City (San Diego, CA) within 10 years (not to mention my long-time stay internationally in Japan). Within these cities, I learned more about myself and gained not only personal growth but career growth as well. So all in all, go out there and experience everything life has to offer! “You Only Live Once” but if done right, you only need one.


Outfit: Simple Harem Pants


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I was finally able to unpack some clothing boxes from New York and found my favorite harem pants! I love these pants because it has a thick elastic waist band so it’s perfect for tucking in tanks and tees and it gives me the “high-waisted” look! Just accessorize with one statement piece jewelry and you’re set! I opted for a chunky white and gold (one of my favorite color combination) necklace.

Pants: Necessary Clothing NY / Top: H&M / Shoes: ShoeDazzle /
Watch: Michael Kors / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

As always, here’s my Polyvore version of my outfit!

ATH: Polyvore Outfit Harem Pants


Outfit: Leather Leggings


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What’s not to love about Fall? Crisp Weather, Pumpkin-based food and drinks galore, upcoming holidays and new Fall Outfits!

Leather leggings are perfect for this time of year because it’s that perfect amount of chilly weather to stay warm in! You can definitely dress up or dress down this essential piece with a chic button-down chiffon top or a t-shirt and denim overlay! See how I styled leather leggings below!

How would you style your leather leggings? Please share with your comments!


Words To Live By: 10.08.13 – Simple


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Live without pretending,
Love without depending,
Listen without defending,
Speak without offending.


Stumbled across the this saying today and just had to share!! I’m not saying I’m perfect but I try to live my life based on these simple “rules.”

Live without pretending… Always be REAL with yourself and the situation at hand – what are the facts? Never pretend about the person you are. How are you to be a better person when your own foundation is fictitious?

Love without depending…
Never depend on others loving you if you don’t love yourself first. Love should never fill a void that you should be fill yourself as love should only be an additional piece to the amazing person you are.

Listen without defending…When others speak to you about you, try not be defensive and just hear what they are saying. Their feelings do matter as well. Their feelings and concerns could be constructive criticism to making yourself a better person.

Speak without offending… Control what you say and how you say it. You never know what can hurt someone and yourself. Try not to speak out of anger or irrational thoughts.

Have a awesome and fabulous week!


Fitness: Fabletics from JustFab.com


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Since being back from New York, I’ve been soaking in all the sun and recreational activities that I’ve been missing out on! In the last month or so, I’ve really focused on getting my fitness and health back on track! And what better way to motivate yourself to work out (aside from the health aspects and looking even more hotter than you are) than an excuse to shop some cute workout gear!? I love bright colors in the gym so usually I’m in capri workout pants and some sort of tank top. Since work out gear get quite expensive, I’ve searched through racks at Big 5, Sports Authority, and the Nike and Adidas outlets for atheltic wear on sale ($45-60 for a sports bra!? Yikes, most of my bras don’t cost that much!)

So, how excited was I when I checked my email after today’s workout to see that the monthly shoe club, JustFab.com has an extension of their company geared towards women’s athletic wear called Fabletics?! The company is co-found by the beautiful Kate Hudson and the Fabletics blog offers some great fitness tips and recipes as well. Super excited! To place the icing on the cake, I was offered a free athletic wear outfit as their promotional launch! Awesome, right?!

So I chose the “Channel” outfit which included the Omemee Tank in blue and the Lima Campri in grey. I immediately loved the the cut on the Omemee tank since it’s different from the standard racer back tanks that are around. Since this tank has a built-in sports bra, I’m wondering how much support it’ll have. I can’t wait until my shipment comes in and I can try them out! Thanks Fabletics!

Also, follow me and my journey to a fitter and healthier life as well as my outfits and Words to Live by sayings on my Instragram page: @kris_aroundthehemline!


Disclosure: I never want my readers to feel like I’m promoting brands and products on my blog…just because. I will always disclose when I get products and services for free. Thanks!!


Outfit: Fall Rock


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So even though Summer is winding down, it doesn’t seem like it in Southern California! Some areas are still in 90s and 100s daily! But in anticipation of Fall, I pulled out my boots and paired them with some skinny jeans and a tank top! Still very casual and simple but night outing appropriate! One of my favorite color combinations are black, grey, white and silver hardware accessories just because it’s so edgy and can be dressed up or down. What’s your favorite ways to show your inner rocker?

Jeans: New York & Company / Tank: H&M / Boots: Shoedazzle / Watch: Michael Kors

Check out the my Polyvore for more outfit ideas!